Get a Grip of this Mess! RBS receives another fine, as the shambles continues

RBS Sign

Beggering hell. The Royal Bank of Scotland received its SIXTH fine in just four years this week after an investigation by the city regulator uncovered some shocking mortgage advice statistics. The Financial Conduct Authority fined the bank £14.5 million after it discovered that just 2 out of a sample of 164 mortgage cases between 2011 and 2013 were handled suitably.

Leicester named cheapest student city by HSBC

The Secret Life of Students (C4) shadowed new students at Leicester to gain a glimpse of student lifestyles.

It’s not often that we (or anyone else, for that matter) get to revel about being based in Leicester. But the city has come up trumps after being named as the most affordable destination for undergraduate students. HSBC has found that students based in Leicester enjoy the cheapest surroundings, thanks largely to some of the cheapest university and private sector accommodation in the UK.

Save up to £100 on your train tickets by booking in advance

Train Fares Infographic

Most train commuters know that you can save a few quid by booking your tickets in advance. But the extent of these savings might well go unnoticed. The current ticketing system – an oddity if ever there was one – allows you to book train tickets a full three months in advance. It would be a stretch to imagine that most of us are organised enough for this.

'Fairness' becomes the latest excuse to shun customers


Many of the double-decker buses shooting past our office windows are promoting NatWest’s latest boast about simple, fair products. It should feel uplifting, but it doesn’t. The problem is that ‘fairness’ has become the latest excuse to give consumers a raw deal.