Could You Save Thousands by Selling Your Own Home?

Happy family near new house

40% of homeowners believe they could do a better job of selling their own home than agents and save up to £6,000 on the cost of moving at the same time, according to a new property website. John Candia, of the iProperty company, believes that with the right knowledge and a bit of effort, it will become progressively easier to bypass estate agents and make a considerable saving by listing your home yourself.

Don't wait 18 months. Get switching today!

Tesco Bank Current Account

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has decided that the banking industry isn’t competitive enough and should be investigated. Big whoop… What does this mean? Well, in around 18 months, we’ll be fed a bundle of spiel and headlines which tell us more-or-less what we already know.

PINs and Needles: The Technology Behind Credit Cards

Visa Contactless

It's been an eventful time for the credit card market. Competition is hotting up in the market for balance transfer cards (with the longest 0% offer now at a whopping 33 months). And constant technological advances are making credit cards both faster to use and multifunctional. You may have heard that Transport for London are no longer accepting cash on London buses.

Government should give us its new price comparison tool

Tesco Bank Current Account

The Government has convinced major banks to support the creation of a new tool that will direct people towards the best value current account for their needs. Britain’s biggest current account providers will help to create a tool that can read data from a customer’s existing current account to suggest if they could achieve better value elsewhere.