Helping Your Troubled Business Turn the Corner for a Better New Year

Recession or Recovery

Businesses around the globe continue to feel the pinch of the economic crunch. Is your business in this situation? We take a look at how you can gradually improve on the situation. Cut the financial outflow where possible Many businesses are struggling today because they did not take the opportunity to cut down on expenditure. Over time, the effect of this, coupled with worsening economy of recent years and the current holding back of sustainable growth, can put a business in a tough financial position.

How to Avoid Going Into the Red over Christmas


That most wonderful time of the year (♪) is also considered to be the most costly for the average household due to the overwhelming cost of gifts, decorations, and food that is purchased. Most families struggle to afford the holiday season, and only manage to get by with credit cards, loans, and overdrafts.

SSL: How Businesses Can Stay Secure and Win the Trust of Customers

The Red Mist Descends

There can be little doubt that online security is a hot topic at the moment. The European Commission has recently spoken about its desire to put consumers at the centre of financial service delivery and says it wants to continue tightening up consumer protection.

Faster Energy Switching Could Prove Catalyst to Lower Bills


We've not yet reached the winter, but the inquisition about energy bills has already started. According to Citizens Advice, more than 3 in 4 people are concerned about their winter fuel bills. This year, for a little extra festive spice, the finger has been pointed not just at the energy companies but also towards price comparison sites.