The costly 'insurance' behind train fares

SouthernTrains Electrostar

You might have caught wind by now of the hedge fund manager who has repaid £42,550 for five years of fare dodging. The thought that our extortionate rail fares subsidise crooks like this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. But another current thorn in my foot regarding rail fares is the issue of what I would loosely call ‘insurance’. I now routinely split my tickets if I’m travelling any distance, as it save bundles on the cost.

TSB's Classic Plus Campaign: "None of the Usual Funny Stuff"

TSB Funny Stuff

It’s hard not to be impressed by TSB’s latest campaign to promote its new Classic Plus current account. The new advert highlights the strengths of the account – namely, 5% interest – by targeting what TSB terms “the usual funny stuff”: the techniques regularly used by banks to attract customers. We’ve prattled on about these ‘techniques’ before.

Sick of gimmicks? Try a low-rate credit card instead

NatWest Branch

It's been hard to miss the glitzy balance transfer offers that have dominated the credit card market in recent months. But not everybody believes this is the way forward for credit card customers. Consumers can currently receive up to 31 months at 0% on a balance transfer (Barclaycard), and up to 18 months at 0% on purchases (Tesco).

New railcard allows travel companions to save 1/3 on train fares

Two Together Railcard

A new national railcard has been launched to allow regular travelling companions to save on their rail fares. The “Two Together Railcard” costs £30 per year - £15 per person – and can be used by the two named cardholders to save a third on journeys after 09:30 on weekdays and all day at weekends.