Energy Saving Around the Home

30 Watt LED Floodlight

With winter drawing in, and numerous concerns arising about low national power capacity, it's important that we consider as many energy-saving techniques as possible. We're delighted to welcome back Louise McCurry of Meteor Electrical to share a number of energy-saving tips for around the home. We all use energy in our homes, quite often without realising how much we use, to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Price-comparison sites branded misleading. Who knew!?

Which4U ISA Transfers

So, our big-name competitors in the price-comparison marketplace got a right royal spanking yesterday. Quite right, too. Few can say they didn’t see it coming, and I don’t know quite how they dare look as shocked as they do. The price-comparison space is just like any other industry. It starts out with the best of intentions.

A Visual Guide to Credit Scores

Guide to Credit Scores 2

Courtesy of Sainsbury's Bank, a visual guide to credit scores. What Makes a Credit Score? When is Your Credit Score Checked? What Influences Your Credit Score? How Can You Improve Your Credit Score? Original Source. For more on your credit record, see our guide 'Check Your Credit Rating'.

First Direct, and not judging a book by its cover

First Direct

Some well-known sayings are there for a reason. “Don't judge a book by its cover” is among the best of them, and one of the traps we can easily fall into when it comes to judging our banks. First Direct has just topped a customer service league compiled by Which?. It's good news for the beleaguered banking industry, and it's no fluke either.