Holding on to your holding deposit

Street View

People are becoming increasingly resigned to the idea of renting their homes for longer and longer. In 2014, home ownership fell to its lowest level for 25 years, while numbers living in rented accommodation keep going up. One of the less-considered difficulties about this state of affairs is that a generation of people no longer have control over the look and feel of a property that isn’t their own.

Can the Post Office challenge the big banks?

Post Office

The Post Office is pinning its hopes on new branding to remind customers that it’s a fully-fledged provider of financial products and services.

Looking to buy Sainsbury’s Shares? Tread carefully!


Looking to buy Sainsbury’s Shares? Tread carefully! Sainsbury’s is a supermarket with a great history. Established in 1869, the company made a name for itself with its emphasis on quality. It became one of the biggest stores in the UK pretty quickly. And at the death of the founder in 1928, it had 128 stores.

Helping Your Troubled Business Turn the Corner for a Better New Year

Recession or Recovery

Businesses around the globe continue to feel the pinch of the economic crunch. Is your business in this situation? We take a look at how you can gradually improve on the situation. Cut the financial outflow where possible Many businesses are struggling today because they did not take the opportunity to cut down on expenditure.