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Ice, Ice Baby: A Sustainable Future

Jul 31, 2012   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Commentary / Editorial, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Ice, Ice Baby: A Sustainable Future

Ice Sustainable Scheme - Vanilla Ice

Who could have known that Vanilla Ice would have been giving you a message of sustainability, 22 years after that famous – and infamous in the case of the Jedward cover – ‘Under Pressure’ sample was first released?

Now obviously, it wasn’t an intentional message of saving the environment on Vanilla’s behalf, but thanks to a new programme called Ice these sustainable choices could be easier than ever to make for almost everyone.

Ice have identified products and services that are sustainable – including travel, groceries, clothing and utilities – and have created a one-stop shop for all of them, making it easier for you to purchase in a way that could help to minimise the harm done to the environment.
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Grey Areas: A Game of Give and Take

Jun 22, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Commentary / Editorial  //  Comments Off on Grey Areas: A Game of Give and Take

According to news this week, Brits haven’t lost their generous mentality, despite the unpalatable state of the UK economy.

The ‘Financial Safety Net’ report from insurance specialists Bright Grey often reveals something sociologically insightful. This month, it said that a fair proportion of Brits (39% overall, and 45% of men) would gladly sacrifice £10, to family or to charity, if they felt they could afford it. Only one in five confessed that they would prefer to save the money themselves (which, in itself, is perfectly understandable).

What does this say about the so-called disintegration of “traditional British values” that Eric Pickles, Tory Communities Secretary, has descried?

Perhaps we haven’t lost our inherent sense of generosity after all – ideologically, at least. Or, are we just concerned to keep giving the impression of generosity? Are such lines of questioning trying to make us look frugal, uncaring – feral even – in an age of recession?

We’re not returning to our primal instincts just yet. But there are a few distinctly grey areas.

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MoneySavingExperts and Profiteering

Jun 1, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Commentary / Editorial  //  Comments Off on MoneySavingExperts and Profiteering

When any major deal crops up that involves your competitors or your industry, you’re bound to take notice.

So it’s hardly escaped our attention that the MoneySavingExpert website, headed by Martin Lewis, was sold today (subject to approval) for up to £87 million to MoneySupermarket.

The good part, for consumers at least, is that the deal includes the retention of editorial independence via an agreed code. In an editorial addressing the deal, Mr Lewis claims that the site will uphold its right to support or criticise MoneySupermarket’s products and services as it requires.

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A Time of Trial: Ombudsman News

May 11, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Commentary / Editorial  //  1 Comment

Ombudsman NewsIt looks – and sounds – like a publication that exists purely to hit notoriety in the ‘Missing Words’ round of Have I Got News For You.

For all that, and its bookish layout, Ombudsman News is a surprisingly interesting read.

The recent decline in living standards, the high-publicised banking malpractices, and the ongoing technological changes that make financial management a more intricate affair, have all contributed to a surge in the number of complaints passed on to the world’s biggest arbitrator, which already employs close to 2,000 people.

And the Ombudsman News bulletin features plenty of complaint case studies, along with investigative details, the final resolution and the adjudicators’ reasoning.

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Have You Been Seduced By Those Sexy Credit Card Commercials?

May 8, 2012   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Commentary / Editorial, Guest Post  //  Comments Off on Have You Been Seduced By Those Sexy Credit Card Commercials?

(The following article is a guest post on behalf of James Redden and the thoughts and views expressed may not reflect those of Which4U or its employees.)


Have those flea-bitten meerkats really convinced you that everything is, “Simples”?

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