Security Is No Laughing Matter

Oct 18, 2012   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Commentary / Editorial  //  Comments Off on Security Is No Laughing Matter

When it comes to security, the British public are generally quite uptight about the “what if?”s regarding their data being accessed.

This is why, when compared to Australia, we as a nation are reluctant to take on services such as contact-less payments and mobile banking with the Aussies 65% more likely to try these than we are.

However, we’re not all deadly serious about our security, especially in regards to our wireless internet network names.

Complaining About the Neighbours

It’s a very rare thing that we manage to get on with everyone around us. Especially neighbours. And it would appear that people have been finding new and inventive ways to display their annoyance at the – mostly noisy – people living next door.

“Shut your dog up”, “Stop moving the furniture at night” and “Turn the music down” are just a few examples of statements put across through network names for the people surrounding your router.

It would seem that wireless routers have become the new notes on fridges, giving disgruntled users a platform to air their unhappiness with the chance that the person it is about could see and “stop stealing our internet”.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Wi-Fi

Okay, so my attempt just now wasn’t the best joke ever created, but trust me, it does get a lot better when you see some of the names that have been picked up on by OpenSignalMaps, the producers of a massive list containing the best Wi-Fi names around.

One that particularly caught my eye was a throw-back to punk band The Offspring’s hit song, cleverly reworked as “Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi”.

It would seem that there are literally thousands of witty people across the globe, making their network a source of entertainment for anyone lucky enough to come across it while trying to access the web.

Gone are the days when “Home” would be the standard network name. Now, these few characters are a fantastic opportunity to display your personality.

Of course, you could always just resort to “Go Away” – or the slightly more creative “Police Surveillance Van” – if you’re looking to keep people off your network.

Do you have a funny Wi-Fi name that you’d like to share? Or have your neighbours been talking about you behind your router? Let us know in the comments below.

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