Why Choose Which4U As Your Price-Comparison Site?

Apr 4, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Commentary / Editorial  //  7 Comments

It’s April, and snowing. I’m heading up North tonight, where, even more incredulously, it’s not. But a storm of sorts is brewing in the advertising world, and with my roots still firmly set in the North-East, it’s invariably made its way to my attention.

Newcastle Brown Ale Chalice

Take a bow, Newcastle Brown. It’s difficult not to smirk or laugh out loud. It’s a brilliant and clever piece of marketing.

It’s reactionary. It’s good banter – conversational, cheeky, controversial, but not quite crossing the line. It synchronises beautifully with north-eastern local identity and sensibility – especially given the Gallic flavour of many of Stella’s recent television ads.

It’s not difficult to imagine this gaining some notoriety across the region’s pubs, clubs, offices, and beyond. The millions who enjoy a good cultural stereotype will collectively join in a warm chuckle with the Novocastrians over an advert that is fundamentally successful.

Furthering brand success in a slow economy and competitive climate is tough. As a price-comparison website for credit cards, savings accounts, mortgages, insurance, and so forth, Which4U faces some mighty competitors that dominate the marketplace and have a vast number of repeat customers.

An illustrious brand history, bucket-loads of cash, celebrity endorsement, exposure and gimmicks are all seemingly must-haves these days.

Sometimes, if these aren’t to hand, all that’s left is to explain why your company is a good choice – a Dragon’s Den pitch, if you will – and crave the reader’s patience.

Soul Authority: Your Main Questions

If something ain’t broke, we don’t tend to fix it. That is to say, if we are satisfied with a product or service the first time, there’s a high probability that we will use it again.

And if you land on Which4U for the first time and think about pursuing one of our listed products, you may well find yourself asking yourself the questions “why should I pursue your products?” and “why am I not doing this on Feel Epic instead?

That’s a natural prerogative, because branding and advertising instils brand authority inside us as the natural order of selection for the goods and services we need.

It’s easy to assume that our larger competitors command sole authority in this marketplace. If you please, we beg to differ.

Why Which4U?

We would also expect regular users of competing sites to ask:

Which4U? What do you do that’s different?

Inspired by Newcastle Brown – surprisingly hard for a Mackem to say – I dare to argue that our lack of gimmicks is our most refreshing difference.

Television advertising has certainly done its job in recent years, but the humour has long since worn thin. We, on the other hand, are not out to test your patience.

Which4U = No meerkats. No glass-shattering operettas. No irritating faces (yet). No sky-high profits just through helping customers find cheaper deals.

Clear? We hope so! What else do we do differently?

  • We are hands-on with our content, and answer queries and comments promptly.
  • We accept guest material, and are always pleased to receive enquiries.
  • We’re analytical and thought-provoking, even if we differs sometimes from mainstream and media voices.
  • We’re proud to identify with a local community, and to support training through apprenticeships.

Understandably, Which4U will not be at the top of most people’s consciousness when it comes to price comparison.

But make no mistake: we’re just as good as the others at what we do.

Give us a try today and find out for yourself.

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  • Lee

    Haha brilliant that fat singing prick and other ads like that make me cringe, though it must work with there 150m+ profits feel epic have just revealed I bet their enjoying their Newcastle brown right now.

  • Alastaire Allday

    This is a great blog post about why “does what it says on the tin” advertising still works.

    Speaking as a copywriter who does a lot of strap work, I absolutely loved this no-nonsense approach from Newcastle Brown. The stella ad is ripe for parody see here and, as usual, Brown Ale really hits the spot.

    I did wonder about that strap, though. Read a certain way it looks like “Newcastle! No bollocks!” — could the copywriter be a closet Sunderland fan?

  • http://www.which4u.co.uk/ Keith

    Many thanks for the comments [all of six weeks late!]

    It’s bizarre! Who would have conceived a world where an absence of advertising became an attractive form of advertising in itself?

    Very well conceived, Al! Though my strapline for Sunderland would be a touch cruder than that.

    Personally, I wonder about reversing the Stella television ad, so that the chasing man runs down from the terrace instead and loses a layer of clothing each time. Then we’d end up with that great scene from Hustle: The Henderson Challenge.

    We decided to incorporate elements from this post into our ‘About Us’ page here. And it’s done us no harm at all!