2012 Olympic Games fans ‘must use Visa to buy tickets’

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Olympics VisaSports fans hoping to buy tickets for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games next year will be unable to complete the purchase unless they use a Visa card.

This restriction has been enforced as a result of an exclusive deal made between Visa and the Olympic organisers, which will see the estimated 10 million ticket sales go through the credit card payment system.

The official London 2012 ticket site states: “In recognition of Visa’s support of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, London 2012 is proud to accept only Visa payment cards (debit, credit and prepaid), along with cash and cheques. Sponsor support is crucial to the staging of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and the operation of organisations throughout the Olympic Movement.“London 2012 will also welcome cash and cheques. However, to enjoy the benefit of the quickest and easiest means of payment, see below on how to apply for a Visa card.”

Visa cards are offered through a number of credit card providers so they come with a whole host of features to attract new customers.

Those looking to apply for a Visa card should compare the latest deals to make the most of what credit cards have to offer. For example, you could benefit from 0% purchases deals allowing you to acquire what is effectively an interest free loan to pay for the tickets, as well as any other costs such as accommodation.

The AA credit card currently offers up to 10 months 0% on all purchases, giving cardholders the means to spread their costs over this period.

Alternatively, if you already have a credit card and currently pay interest on the balance you owe, you may wish to consider opting for a balance transfer card, allowing you to move your debt onto a 0% card and pay no interest for the zero percent duration.

These cards do charge a low transfer fee (usually around 3% of the balance transferred), but this is likely to be significantly lower than the rate you currently pay.

The Barclaycard Platinum credit card currently offers the longest 0% balance transfer period, allowing consumers to pay no interest on their balance for up to 20 months, with a transfer fee of 3.2%.

An important thing to remember when using any credit card is to always pay off at least the minimum monthly payment. This will keep you from having to pay any interest; breaking any agreements made with the provider; and avoid having a negative impact on your credit rating.

According to one product-testing and campaigning charity, the restrictions only apply to UK cardholders, so anyone with a credit card registered outside the UK will still be able to purchase tickets.

For all cards available at Which4U, click credit cards and remember to choose Visa.

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