Accidents do happen but don’t suffer without financial relief

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Some people go through life being incredibly lucky with no ailments or negative things affecting their life. Lets be honest though, there’s about a 1 in 7 billion chance that person is you and chances are that was never going to happen! Unfortunately accidents do happen and you need to make sure that if it does happen to you, you know where to turn to make sure you get the full financial compensation you deserve. So what defines an accident? Well it doesn’t just cover road traffic incidents and things that take place on the road. Which4U spoke to Claim Today, who specialise in Nottingham Accident Claims, about what type of accidents and injuries you can get injury compensation for in this modern day and age. Lets have a look at what they told us.

Road Accidents

You don’t have to be the driver of a vehicle to get the financial compensation you deserve if you’re involved in an accident. You could even be a pedestrian that was unfortunately involved. What you do need to do, however, is to note down certain aspects of the accident so you can get the best possible chance to make a successful claim. Make sure you record the date, time, cause and any other details of the accident you can note down at the time, providing you’re not too badly injured. What’s also important is to try and get the name, address and as many details as possible of the person who injured you. Get any information from the accident from the police also.

Medical Negligence


No one likes to be in hospital and no one likes being ill. However, if you end up visiting a hospital and you have to have some sort of surgery or medical treatment, unfortunate accidents and miss-diagnosis do happen. If this does happen to you, this is certainly something you could make a claim for! Gather as much information as possible before calling a claims company so you have a bigger chance of getting more financial compensation. You don’t have to suffer in silence and the financial relief you’ll get should help you with any loss of earnings caused by the injury.

Injured at work

We spend a lot of our times working in environments which could be perceived as dangerous or at least have some form of hazard. It’s therefore important that your employer or boss properly shows you how to use equipment and provides the correct safety equipment required to do your job with minimal risk of injury. If you do get injured whilst at work, give a claims company a call and find out if you have reason for claim. Negligence at work can cause injuries so make sure you do you’re research after the incident to get the financial claim you need.

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