Calling all Einsteins! What Type of Xmas Shopper Are You?

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Spectrum“What type of Christmas shopper are you?” asks the new ‘How We Shop’ report from Argos.

According to the popular retailer, the average British consumer plans to spend £365 on gifts this Christmas. Remarkably, the country’s less affluent regions are the most generous with their spending, according to the report. The North East proves the most generous region, where shoppers fork out almost £500 on average.

Argos has examined the changing face of shopping in the UK as we ready ourselves for the final countdown to Christmas. With consumers fusing high street and online shopping, it has come up with a number of categories that describe the new combined retail experience.

Where do you fit in?

What type of shopper are you?

Shopping Einsteins

A much smaller tribe of shoppers, representing just 8% of all shoppers, Einsteins are quite comfortable combining commuting with shopping and of ten wait for ‘flash sales’ before they swoop and are the group most likely to use tablets or even Smart TV for shopping. A fifth of them tend to research online but choose to buy in-store, higher than other shopping tribes. Shopping Einsteins are also most likely to shop from the bed, the bath and beyond and four out of ten will research retail social channels before making a purchase. They’ve done 51% of the Christmas shop so far and will spend – on average – £406 on gifts


Digital magpies

Priding themselves on securing the best deals and securing the very latest gadgets and technology, unsurprisingly digital magpies are the group most likely to be using hi-tech smart phones to do their Christmas shopping. They are twice as likely to  shop whilst at work compared to the average shopper but are a relatively small tribe – representing just 7.7% of the shopping population. Highly influenced by online forums and reviews they are keen followers of social media and they also spend big, expecting to spend £455 on gifts this year


Radar Shoppers

So called because much of their shopping is unplanned until it’s on their radar, this group, accounting for 7% of all shoppers, adopt an ad-hoc and impulsive approach to shopping. Highly influenced by what they see on TV, radar shoppers have done 48% of their Christmas gif t shopping so far and, perhaps by virtue of their lack of planning, are the highest spenders, expecting to spend £457 each on gifts



This group, who display a preference for one on one interaction with shop assistants in-store tend to only shop online for convenience. They are much more influenced by knowledgeable staf f in-store than other groups and tend not to follow social media. They are also well prepared for Christmas as the group least likely to need to do ‘last-minute’ this year. Whilst displaying some traditionalist views and behaviour they are still very comfortable shopping online. ReTrads represent one in ten of all shoppers and will be spending less than most shopping groups this year with an anticipated spend of £309 each



The shopping tribe with the most time on their hands, representing 10.5% of shoppers – cruisers enjoy the social element of hit ting the stores and relish taking their time over decisions. They are twice as likely, compared to other groups, to do their research and buying all in-store and are also more likely to be found at multi-store out of town retail parks this Christmas. For them, even last minute will tend to be wholly in-store and they have only done 42% of their Christmas shop. On average, Cruisers will be spending £371 each this Christmas



Almost one in five of all shoppers, Advos strike the most equal balance between online and offline and become very loyal to their preferred retailers. They are the biggest advocates of click and collect – some 16% tend to shop in this way – and have already completed 51% of their Christmas gif t shop. Advos will be spending more than average this Christmas, with total gifts buying forecast at £404 each on average



The smallest shopping tribe, accounting for one in for ty shoppers, Peacocks pride themselves in shopping with brands that treat them well. They have a tendency to tell as many people as possible about their purchases and retail experiences and are the group most likely to be influenced by the opinions of friends and family. Almost nine out of ten Peacocks will be hitting the high-street this Christmas – more than any other group but for all this they will be spending the least on gifts (£308 each on average) and have only done 46% of their Christmas shop so far.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Which4U team!

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