Child Sells Igloo for Cool £216,000

Jan 22, 2013   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Home and Living  //  20 Comments

With last week’s snow many people that would have been looking for a new home in 2013 had to abandon their searches until travel conditions improved.
However, if they were to look on ebay, they would have seen that a new property had just come on the market in a prime location with plenty of opportunity to expand, all for a cool £216,000.

(Seller removed for fear of cold-callers)

Ebay and the Imaginary Items

It’s not a rarity for weird and wonderful items to go for big bucks on the internet, and ebay has it all. From air guitars to haunted wine cabinets, you’re never more than a few clicks from a truly bizarre item and this is no exception.

Our eagle eyed team came across a bid war going on for a “big igloo with lots of room” earlier today and we’ve been keeping our eyes (but not our money) on the item for some time and to our surprise the already hugely inflated bids have kept going up and up. As you can see from the screenshot above, the snowy fortress had already reached a massive total of £215,600 with 25 minutes left to go.

This well crafted igloo is the product of last weekend’s massive amounts of snow, which put most of the country under an icy blanket and stopped many people getting to work. However, this didn’t stop one clever 12 year old boy from seizing the opportunity to make some money from their day off school.

With the frosty castle finally going for close to £216k, the boy won’t be short on sweets and toys – or whatever children are into these days – for the foreseeable future.

Time to start building Which-Igloo-4U to help people try to find a snow house for less we think!

Have you ever sold something on ebay for a tidy profit? Let us know in the comments below.
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  • David Smith

    Haha i love the delivery “varies” does that mean it comes as a FlatPack

  • Daniel Morris

    I can just imagine IKEA trying to sell igloos called “Andre” or something after seeing this comment!

  • Keith McDonald

    And to think, Andrew Tinney could have bought that with the money he earned through clinging onto his job far longer than he should have done. [Economic analysis. Tick!]

    While I’m thinking about it, ‘big igloo’ is unusual assonance. Child with talent. [Literary analysis. Tick! My work is done.]

  • laura

    I would buy one, but only if it came with a giant freezer!

  • Jacktionman

    Did he get the money?

  • SardaHD

    It could get delivered as either liquid, gas or solid, hmm seems like a bargain to me.

  • MintmanD

    I have seen crazy stuff like this on Ebay before and they haven’t been paid for, but you never know there are some crazy people out there.

  • crazysnowlover

    I think as soon as you hit bid it becomes a legally binding contract

  • Alexander Morris

    Russia’s economy would go through the roof if they knew the value of snow on eBay.

  • crazysnowlover

    There snow sucks! it doesn’t close any roads or airports!

  • yellow snow

    Just watch out for those yellow igloos.

  • lukehough

    No it is not i believe you can say something like “my child put a bid on this item without my consent” and they will cancel the bid no problem.

  • Daniel Edwards

    why would anyone buy snow for that much?

  • reecemen

    They wouldn’t, it’s fake!

  • Conspiracy guy

    They want to use it as a weapon to close all the transport in England.

  • Conspiracy guy

    They want to use it as a weapon to close all of the transport systems in England!

  • Diana

    That’s insane, good for the kid though, hope he doesn’t waste it all on sweets!

  • onetimewin

    Hmmm I’m curious So how would you deliver it as a gas?

  • EllaMatildaB

    Nice large garden, just one of the many attractive features.

  • danL

    This sort of buying will cause a housing market meltdown.