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EuroMillions Cheque

The New Year has become a time of financial contradiction. The celebratory chimes at midnight add opulence to round off the festive period. We drink, party, and spend the Bank Holiday nursing hangovers.

The morning after, the mood has changed. We scrutinise how the firework displays get flashier every year despite increased cutbacks that are damaging to so many families.

The mindset revolves towards resolutions: renewed discipline; forward planning; austerity; cutting debt; increasing savings; and tightening the purse strings.

Only, the National Lottery has extended the season of indulgence just a little bit longer. Following a bumper 2012 for lottery players, the Millionaire Raffle by EuroMillions has theoretically guaranteed 25 new millionaires on New Year’s Day.

Even if it wasn’t a particularly memorable New Year, then, 2013 could still become the most memorable year of your lifetime if you’re a regular lottery player.

In 2012, the National Lottery created 320 new millionaires, paying out more than £850 million altogether. Of these, the most successful star sign for jackpot winners was Capricorn; so the New Year (to January 20th) might well seem a favourable time of year to try one’s hand.

Most popular star sign for National Lottery winners in 2012: Capricorn.

For more stats on the National Lottery winners of 2012 and an insight into how it changed ordinary lives, check out the video above (transcript below). If you bought yourself a ticket for the New Year, check below to see if you’re one of the new wave of EuroMillionaires.

Millionaire Raffle


2012 has been a record breaking year for National Lottery players as a staggering 320 individuals joined one of Britain’s fastest growing millionaire sets. Now, in its 18th year, the National Lottery has paid out more than £850 million in the last twelve months, and its review of the year had some interest finds.

Capricorn was the luckiest star sign, scoring more jackpots than any other sign of the Zodiac, while women showed themselves to be the least fortunate of the sexes, winning only 40% of the big prizes. The luckiest professions this year were shown to be care workers, administrators, and, for the second year in a row, builders, like Gareth Bull.

I actually bought the ticket while working in Nottingham. It was a rainy day; I couldn’t actually start the job because it was too wet. So, we decided to go to the nearest shop and put EuroMillions on. I put it on, obviously; came back – it had stopped raining; did our Friday work. Saturday morning, checked them, and that was it. Crazy!

Gareth Bull

I worked full-time before the win. I’ve given up work as well, which is nice because I can spend more time with the boys and be here when they go to school and when they get home from school.

Catherine Bull

I worked as a full-time builder and had quite a few jobs in my diary, so what I did – when I’d done them, got them complete … took about 3 months and then, I’ve not done anything since really. I’ve still got my tools, though, but not for a rainy day.

Gareth Bull

 The biggest jackpot of the year went to care worker Gillian Bayford and her husband Adrian when they won over a massive £148 million in August, making them the second biggest lottery winners of all time in Britain.

2012’s been a fantastic year. We’ve made more millionaires than we’ve ever made before. And actually, it’s been a real privilege to be involved, particularly with the hundred millionaires for the Olympics. August was a fantastic time because actually we were part of a real life-changing event for so many people. That moment when we knock on someone’s door to go and see them… and actually, for that moment, we’re the most important person in their life. They’ve been waiting for us to come, and you’re walking up the pathway and the curtains are always twitching and you can see people saying “the man from the Lottery’s come”. And the real pinnacle is that moment when we can say to the winner, “Yes, your ticket is validated. Congratulations. You are now a millionaire.”

Andy Carter, National Lottery Winners Advisor

The huge number of millionaires created in 2012 means that the National Lottery has now created more than 3,000 since it began in 1994 – and it’s not stopping there. 2013 starts with a bang when 25 Brits are guaranteed to become millionaires thanks to a special EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle on New Year’s Day.

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