Keith McDonald

Keith McDonaldKeith is currently the editor at Which4U, and is responsible for overseeing the site’s news content, the personal finance guides, and the Finance Blog.

He’s a firm believer that there is room for personality in personal finance writing – though not to irritate, like many of our competitors do.

He also believes that analysis does not always need to follow the grain, and that it’s just as important to tailor advice to people’s behaviour as it is to expect people to change their behaviour to suit advice.

Keith has a background in research, and has previously worked at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. He was awarded the degree of PhD from the University of Leicester in 2014.

In recent years, he has made his trade as a freelance copywriter, working for a number of clients across Europe, and he has even written speeches for cult fashionista Gok Wan (though he steadfastly declines to comment on how to look good naked).