CHAPS too house proud to party

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A survey carried out by department store John Lewis reveals that 18-24 year olds are the one of the most ‘house proud’ age groups, with almost a quarter of those that took part in the survey revealing that they are reluctant to entertain at home for fear of potential party accidents – close to three times   those aged 65 and over, with just 8% worrying about damage, and more than double 55-64 year olds (10%).

The study, involving 2,014 adults from Greenbee Home Insurance (part of the John Lewis Partnership), also found that 26% of this age group ask guests to remove footwear before entering their homes, almost double that of those aged 65 and over (14%) who have been found to have a more relaxed attitude.

It has been suggested that this new age of thinking has been brought on by the credit crunch, as 14% of Brits said they could not afford to replace damaged or broken items based on their current financial situation.

These findings may come as a surprise, turning stereotypes on their head, with a new breed of CHAPS – Cautious Hosts Against Party Stress.

It appears that the Midlands is Britain’s most house-proud region, with an above-average concern in all areas. Over a fifth (21%) of Midlanders make their friends remove their shoes when visiting (compared to 15% of people in South East/London) and 16% prefer not to host house parties, fearing that a party could result in damages caused by party accidents (compared to just 10% of Scots).

These results confirm that the financial crisis has turned the Britain into a nation of paranoid party poopers, but this view can be seen as well justified, as 14% said they’re more worried about household accidents or breakages than ever before as in the current economic climate as they can’t afford to replace any damaged items – rising to one in five (20%) of 45-54 year olds and 17% of women (compared to 11% of men).

James Furse, managing director, said: “It’s no surprise that people, regardless of their age, are cautiously house-proud, particularly with financial concerns foremost in the thoughts of a significant proportion of people.

“While those without cover are understandably concerned about the cost of an unfortunate accident while entertaining, even those with home insurance may want to consider checking their policy small print to make sure they’re covered for all eventualities. Ensuring you have the right home cover in place may offer peace of mind, along with valuable protection.”

There are a number of insurance providers offering cover that will help to offer peace of mind when hosting such an event, so if you fit into the ‘concerned host’ group, be sure to check them out!

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