Don’t Get Short-Changed: Save Your Change

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As business magnate Warren Buffett once said “do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”. Easy to say when you’re a billionaire, but Buffett’s quote rings true to all forms of transaction. It is surely best to invest in the future with the money you have saved than spending all and having nothing to work with after. Perhaps the same could be said for the property industry and the way in which the digital age has paved the way for do-it-yourself listing. This has resulted in homeowners saving a lot more cash to invest in their property as opposed to covering the cost of estate agent fees. Below, I have included 3 top tips to help you save money when buying a new home…

Don’t limit yourself to one area

The golden rule when buying absolutely anything is to shop around, as there might be a better deal around the corner. This can literally be the case when searching for a home as some neighbourhoods close to the one you desire may be a bit cheaper. By limiting your options to a specific area, you may be disappointed with the budget required to rent or buy. Furthermore, local estate agents might not know too much information about the surrounding areas. Recently, the town of Wellingborough in Northamptonshire was named as the ‘most affordable town with easy access to London’. Sitting just a hour’s commute from the capital, the average house price was listed at £160,245 compared to over £700,000 in Central London. With an annual train season ticket setting the residents back just £5000, a pretty penny could be saved and invested for the future.

Compare estate agents in the area

Estate agents are forever competing to be the best. From both regional and online portals, estate agents are always boasting about their success and for making the lives of movers and buyers a whole lot easier than selling alone. But, do the figures ever show the details for the sale? Were the buyers or
sellers happy with the service? Did they get a good price? And how long did it take to get the property bought or sold? With the help of The House Shop ‘Compare Estate Agents’ service, you can find out which estate agents would be best at selling your home. Simply input your postcode, complete the information about your property and relax as the system finds you the agent who will get you the best asking price in best amount of time. Who says selling a home has to be a chore?

Do your own sale and advertise online

Over the years, estate agents have developed a very negative stigma. Understandably, more sellers are taking on the task of selling their home by themselves. With the advancement of technology and the endless scope of possibilities made available by the internet, you can now list your home online in 24 hours. The House Shop brings together private sellers, online estate agents and traditional high street estate agents in the same place. Estate agents work with them to provide professional valuations
as well as advertising their listings for sale or for rent on the site. This provides a gateway for both sellers and buyers, to allow access for interest and specified filtered searches to find a home in your dream neighbourhood. By using this service, you can even avoid hidden charges from estate agents
including commission charges and for sale board construction.

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