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Save up to £100 on your train tickets by booking in advance

Aug 14, 2014   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Commentary / Editorial, Money Saving Tips  //  4 Comments

Most train commuters know that you can save a few quid by booking your tickets in advance. But the extent of these savings might well go unnoticed.

The current ticketing system – an oddity if ever there was one – allows you to book train tickets a full three months in advance.

It would be a stretch to imagine that most of us are organised enough for this. Normally, we adapt our travel requirements to suit everything else rather than adapting everything else to suit our travel arrangements.

But we may think again once the savings are flashed before our eyes.

New research from Vouchercloud shows that it’s possible to save up to 85% of the cost of a single ticket by booking a full 10 weeks in advance from the walk-on fare you would pay on the day.

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Top 5 Apps to help you manage money and save on your utilities

May 30, 2014   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Guest Post, Money Saving Tips, Technology  //  Comments Off on Top 5 Apps to help you manage money and save on your utilities

Pingit Preview

Nowadays, it is becoming harder and harder to keep track of your finances. The average person has in excess of seven bills a month to pay, so it’s not surprising that many of us get confused about who is owed what and when. But help is at hand in the form of your smart phone (that you probably pay for monthly as well). James McAllister of UKPower takes us through the best money-saving apps.

We are starting to see an increase of advanced and helpful apps becoming available that help you not only keep track of your finances, but they can even schedule your outgoing payments for you. Below are our top 5 favourite apps to help you become better with money and keep on top if your monthly bills.

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New railcard allows travel companions to save 1/3 on train fares

Mar 5, 2014   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on New railcard allows travel companions to save 1/3 on train fares


A new national railcard has been launched to allow regular travelling companions to save on their rail fares.

The “Two Together Railcard” costs £30 per year – £15 per person – and can be used by the two named cardholders to save a third on journeys after 09:30 on weekdays and all day at weekends.

The new product joins the popular Young Person’s Railcard (now 16-25 Railcard), Senior Railcard, and Family & Friends Railcard, and becomes the first new launch in many years.

The card can be purchased by travellers aged 16 years or over, and can be used for savings on most standard and first-class tickets after 09:30 on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays. Both cardholders have to travel for the discount to apply.

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Save £75 on your energy bill with a smart meter

Feb 14, 2014   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Home and Living, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Save £75 on your energy bill with a smart meter

British Gas' energy monitor, the "Pebble" in domestic settings

By using a smart meter to gain insight into where energy is being wasted, we could save £75 a year on our energy bills, according to British Gas.

One reason why our gas and electricity bills are higher than they should be is because we lack insight into where energy is being used around the home.

The demands and dynamics of modern living mean that we now own far more electronic devices than we used to, so our demand for energy is greater.

This, in turn, makes it harder to monitor everything. We invariably end up forgetting when things are plugged in or left on, and our use of energy can become increasingly inefficient.

However, there are solutions at hand to help with the problem for those who wish to try and reduce their energy consumption.

Recent research by British Gas shows that people are benefiting from the use of smart meters.

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Online Competitions: Money-Saving Meets Money-Making

Jan 13, 2014   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Home and Living, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Online Competitions: Money-Saving Meets Money-Making

It’s only recently, when we launched our New Year competition to give away a Harrods hamper, that my eyes were finally opened to the vast world (or, perhaps, the sport) of online competitions.

Women onlineSome of the entrants to our recent sweepstake are self-confessed ‘addicts’ of online competitions. That’s quite powerful rhetoric under any circumstances.

Let’s make no mistake, though: there are some wonderful prizes to be won out there. So it’s no straightforward ‘addiction’ in the normal sense, I don’t think. There’s a steely entrepreneurialism at work here, on the part of the entrants, in the hope of landing all sorts of monetary and material rewards.

And with that, as I’ve seen, it’s communal, good fun, and great for engaging friends and family.

So good on you all, I say! Though money saving arguably receives more time and effort at Which4U than money making, there’s nothing to say that the two cannot co-exist.

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Split your ticket to save on your train travel

Dec 11, 2013   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Money Saving Tips  //  1 Comment

Network Rail - Pendolino

I’m heading home to Durham for Christmas. Once the train arrives at York, I’ll stand up and move two rows back. And that’s £15 saved. In the words of Alan Partridge, “Back of the net!”

It’s a technique known as split-ticketing. It’s not particularly new; but at the same time, it’s not the easiest trick to learn if you’re not tech-savvy. That’s why there’s been little pressure to revolutionise the system. And we can be fairly certain that train companies won’t be advertising it anytime soon.

Train ticket pricing in the UK is baffling and frustrating. Not only can we end up paying virtually the same for a single journey as for a return, but we can also be penalised for booking a journey directly from A to B.

Penalised seems an odd way of putting it; that is, until we consider that we’re often able to save money if we book separate tickets for legs of the same journey – including the very same train.

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