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British Gas: Top Money-Saving Tips

Jun 14, 2013   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Guest Post, Home and Living, Money Saving Tips  //  4 Comments

British Gas' energy monitor, the "Pebble" in domestic settings

Top Tips for Making your Money Go Further

In this day and age, it’s not just sensible but absolutely crucial to keep track of your spending habits and figure out where you can improve your finances in order to enjoy a better future. It’s amazing, just how easily money can be flittered away without even realising and, while sometimes, it’s on the frivolous luxuries we all love, much of the time, it’s because we’re not careful enough with our day-to-day spending. By learning how to make our money go further on the mundane things, we can ensure that there’s more leftover to spend on the nicer things on life. Here are some top tips on how to do so.

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Make and Save Money Through Parking. A Look at ParkatmyHouse

Feb 27, 2013   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Money Saving Tips, Technology  //  1 Comment

We’re always looking for practical ways of making and saving money. It’s surprising how many we simply overlook. Not long ago, I was living just two miles away from Heathrow Airport, where only one of our two assigned parking spaces was ever used. It was an opportunity lost.

ParkatmyHouse is a fine example of an online parking marketplace that connects drivers with parking spaces to rent, helping motorists to save hundreds on extortionate parking fees and allowing homeowners to make extra cash by sharing their driveways.

In the last six months, the site has facilitated parking arrangements worth almost one million pounds for its users. This, it estimates, is a saving of roughly 75% on standard council, private, and venue car-parking costs.

It’s not the only site offering this solution, but the free-to-join community has been active for seven years, and the service clearly benefits from the strong availability that has been procured over that time. Indeed, ParkatmyHouse describes itself as the world’s largest online parking community, with over a quarter of a million members worldwide.

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Booking Your Summer Holiday Safely

Feb 14, 2013   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Insurance, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Booking Your Summer Holiday Safely

Cuba, Cayo Coco

Hark – the snow has returned this week! As is customary with the notorious cold-snaps of February, we have a good whinge, and then start to cheer ourselves up by thinking ahead to our summer holiday plans. The thing is – booking holidays has started to become a bit of a minefield.

Firstly, we question whether package holidays still represent the same value for money, with the internet encouraging us to customise our approach to holiday bookings.

We then begin to wonder whether we can trust the flattering pictures and reassuring text of the glossy brochures, which all too often mis-represent hotels that more closely resemble building sites.

And what if airlines or tour operators go out of business in advance of the holiday? Package holiday firms XL and Goldtrail have folded since the onset of the financial crisis, while numerous airlines including Flyglobespan, Spanair and Cirrus Airlines have bit the dust too.

The number one tip is to look out for the Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing certificate (ATOL) when booking. This is a scheme to ensure that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will look after you if there is a problem with your holiday.

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TopCashback on Your Fuel

Feb 14, 2013   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Money Saving Tips, Technology  //  Comments Off on TopCashback on Your Fuel

In these financially trying times, many people are looking to save every single penny that they can. But one of the worst offenders when it comes to draining our wallets is petrol. It’s a necessity for so many people, and yet with prices always increasing it’s becoming a luxury that many will no longer be able to afford.

Many households have been driven to despair when it comes to keeping the needle out of the red on their vehicle. Statistics have shown that as much as 43% of motorists have already reduced the amount they use their cars and a further 18% are attempting to drive more efficiently. And with the average price of one litre of unleaded petrol now costing around £1.36, you can see why.

And this is where come in, giving their members the chance to save up to 20% on their fuel bill. For every £10 that you spend at the pumps at service stations nationwide, you’ll get £2 cashback. All you have to do is take a picture. Read More »

Hard-Up Drivers Desperate to Save – Could New Tyre Labels Help?

Nov 20, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Credit Cards, Money Saving Tips  //  3 Comments

Need for Speed Throttling Britain's Drivers

The majority of drivers want to save money on fuel, but half confess that they are too stubborn to improve their fuel economy, which could save them £270 per year. Could a breakdown of the potential savings encourage more careful driving habits? Could new EU tyre labelling regulations help drivers to improve their fuel economy? Find out more below.

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How Businesses Can Save Using the ‘Net

Nov 19, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Guest Post, Money Saving Tips, Technology  //  Comments Off on How Businesses Can Save Using the ‘Net

Given the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever for small businesses to find ways to save money and stay competitive. Keeping costs down, maximising opportunities and monitoring expenditure are all essential to survival.

One route to achieving these aims is in establishing cheaper lines of communication with clients, customers and suppliers. Our money-saving communication tips feature below.


Some people still shy away from building their own website in fear of the cost and the technical demands. However, a website is now a vital tool for a small business and it’s not too challenging to build a site that is easy to manage.

Websites are a business card and business pitch in one: they allow you to promote, market, and sell a company’s features and benefits to a worldwide audience and establish an easy line of communication with potential contacts.

Keeping the content fresh shows that a site is current, relevant, and part of a dynamic business. Adding content also boosts search-engine rankings, which, in turn, drives more traffic and more custom.

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