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Price Comparison in Leicester: The Job on Our Hands

Sep 20, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Money Saving Tips  //  2 Comments

London - The Height of ActivityIn many industries, location matters. Quite often, if you’re not based in London (or within touching distance), you’re at one hell of a disadvantage. The quality and quantity of leads generated from the capital tend to be unmatchable elsewhere.

Such are the importance of keywords in such a context, there’s often a little stealthy readjustment from the real location (London Oxford Airport, anyone?!).

But about those for whom location isn’t a factor? In the past, we’ve never made much of the fact that we’re based in Leicester. (See more about us here.) If the majority of our work doesn’t involve face-to-face meetings, should it even matter at all?

Well, recent research suggests that it might do after all.

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Saving Options for Single Mums

Aug 10, 2012   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Guest Post, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Saving Options for Single Mums

With freedom come many challenges. Although a lot of single mothers might find and fancy their new-found financial freedom, other factors and challenges come with it, especially the challenge of saving for a tomorrow. A careful financial planning coupled with mint savings option is the dogs bollocks bet to insulate you from bankruptcy.

A mint financial strategy is dependent on a number of factors that include your income levels, your age, your debt burden, the number of people you support and of course your goals. If you are in the process of recouping your finances then your primary focus should be on debt reduction. Any of these issues, which include divorce, downsizing, job loss and graduation costs, can put your financial planning in a difficult situation. Whatever be the case, your whole focus should be on saving. In other words, you should spend less than what you make and set aside something for an emergency fund to be used only for unexpected circumstances.

The options provided are mainly for single mothers who can effectively maximise their financial resources and augment their saving options.

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Ice, Ice Baby: A Sustainable Future

Jul 31, 2012   //   by Daniel Morris   //   Commentary / Editorial, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Ice, Ice Baby: A Sustainable Future

Ice Sustainable Scheme - Vanilla Ice

Who could have known that Vanilla Ice would have been giving you a message of sustainability, 22 years after that famous – and infamous in the case of the Jedward cover – ‘Under Pressure’ sample was first released?

Now obviously, it wasn’t an intentional message of saving the environment on Vanilla’s behalf, but thanks to a new programme called Ice these sustainable choices could be easier than ever to make for almost everyone.

Ice have identified products and services that are sustainable – including travel, groceries, clothing and utilities – and have created a one-stop shop for all of them, making it easier for you to purchase in a way that could help to minimise the harm done to the environment.
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‘Beat My Card’: Save £100s on your Credit Card, and Win an iPad!

May 23, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Credit Cards, Credit Guides, Latest Which4U Updates, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on ‘Beat My Card’: Save £100s on your Credit Card, and Win an iPad!
  • Save £100s by switching your credit card.
  • In 3 easy steps, the new Beat My Card calculator compares your card against the market and lists up to 3 better cards.
  • Win an iPad just by trying out the new feature!

As banks brace themselves for a fall-out from the crisis in Greece, the impact has been visible on personal finance products. Mortgage rates have hiked, while savings accounts and ISAs have plummeted. Hardly promising for a nation already in the grip of recession.

Credit cards stand out as the sole category of products that isn’t currently in meltdown. Which4U has come up with an ideal device that could help you make substantial savings on your credit card: the ‘Beat My Card’ credit card savings calculator.

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Cutting down on your bills can really save you money

Mar 28, 2012   //   by Kyle Needham   //   Home and Living, Money Saving Tips  //  Comments Off on Cutting down on your bills can really save you money

The easy way to slash your bills

There may not be anything you can do about the constantly rising electricity prices, but there are little changes that you could be making around your house right now to save money on your energy. If you’re feeling stifled by an ever-increasing energy bill, take these shortcuts to a more efficient home and a more reasonable energy budget.

1. Call your energy company. With nearly nine million UK citizens experiencing ‘fuel poverty’, hearing from customers who can’t make a payment in full is not a new occurrence for energy companies. The first thing you should do if you can’t meet your energy bill all the way is get on the phone and get in contact with someone from your energy supplier. You may be able to sort out a payment schedule that permits you to catch up with what you owe over time.

2. Switch providers. If all else fails, try working with a new energy company that can offer you lower prices and better service. With the backlash against major energy suppliers, many smaller energy companies have cropped up to provide service with a different philosophy in mind–and it’s one that better suits the customer. To compare energy prices and find out what new suppliers are servicing your area, all you have to do is go online.

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Price Comparison for Couriers: ParcelChecker

Mar 19, 2012   //   by Keith McDonald   //   Money Saving Tips  //  3 Comments

EDIT: June 2013. The ParcelChecker site now redirects to hauliage firm MyHermes and the calculator is no longer available. The review below is accountable to the period when the tool was active and stands as commendation of the proof-of-concept (price comparison) rather than any logistics company.

The internet has achieved wonders for cost-cutting and money-saving tips. It has also increased the amount of trade conducted online. The UK has now been described as the world’s leading e-commerce economy.

Price competition and the accessibility of information have seen many begin to shop from their desks rather than the high street. Soon, it is estimated, 10% of the UK’s output will be undertaken through the “internet economy”.

This reinforces the growing importance of the logistics industry, for businesses and individuals.

Royal Mail processes 59 million items of post each day, almost 90% of which are sent by UK businesses. New proposals from April 2012 could allow Royal Mail to set its own prices for first-class post, which could have significant cost impacts for many of these customers. So, this is where the internet comes into its own again.

As we might expect, with the level of volume involved, there are existing comparison tools for courier services. Ironically, though, there are few tools designed to deal with volume.

ParcelChecker is useful in this regard.

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