Save £75 on your energy bill with a smart meter

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British Gas' energy monitor, the "Pebble" in domestic settings

By using a smart meter to gain insight into where energy is being wasted, we could save £75 a year on our energy bills, according to British Gas.

One reason why our gas and electricity bills are higher than they should be is because we lack insight into where energy is being used around the home.

The demands and dynamics of modern living mean that we now own far more electronic devices than we used to, so our demand for energy is greater.

This, in turn, makes it harder to monitor everything. We invariably end up forgetting when things are plugged in or left on, and our use of energy can become increasingly inefficient.

However, there are solutions at hand to help with the problem for those who wish to try and reduce their energy consumption.

Recent research by British Gas shows that people are benefiting from the use of smart meters.

Smart meters have made it far easier to monitor where energy is being used in the home and how much it costs. The in-home display, which shows real-time energy consumption in different rooms, means that it is easier to locate where energy is being wasted.

According to British Gas, 90% of households with a smart meter have made steps to improve their home energy use, once they have been seen the cost of inefficient energy management around the home.

It found that over half of households with a smart meter are saving money on their electricity bill, with around two-thirds calculating their savings at up to £75 per year.

You can find out more about smart meters with this informative video.


Customers have a real opportunity to save money with the use of smart meters. We’ve installed a million to date across homes and businesses across the UK. We’ve had some research done recently, which is telling us that nine out of 10 customers are using their smart energy monitor to help them make simple daily steps to control their appliances.

Smart meters are going to replace standard meters that people have in their homes today and consist of a new gas and electricity meter and a smart energy monitor, a device that looks a little bit like a GPS, that they can put anywhere in the home to control and see how much energy they’re using.

So, it consists of two real things: one is a traffic-light system, showing a clear red, amber or green light – green meaning that you’re not using much energy at the moment, and red meaning you’re using a lot.

In addition to that, there’s a touch-screen device that gives much more control. It allows them to see how much energy they’ve used over a long period of time; how many meter reads they’re providing; and it’s an end to estimated bills. No more do you have to submit a meter read – a smart meter does that automatically.

54% of customers are saving money as a result of having a smart energy monitor, and of those, two thirds of them believe they are saving up to £75 a year.

British Gas and the other energy suppliers are rolling out smart meters as standard between now and 2020. So everyone will get a chance to get a smart meter, but if you’re interested in getting one sooner, you can come to, where you can find out information about smart meters and register your interest to get one.

Paul Nixon, Smart Commercial Director, British Gas Smart Metering

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