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DIY and home-improvement are two things every homeowner should be thinking about if they want to add value to their house, says Ryan Hirst of Eurofit Direct. Below, Ryan investigates the best apps for DIY and home-improvement that will provide ideas and help to save you money.

Home InteriorOur home is a reflection of ourselves, and because of this people build an opinion of us based upon how our home looks. We should be looking to improve our home all the time for it to hold its value in an ever-competitive housing market.

Whether its little home DIY crafts or large scale renovation projects like replacing your kitchen, home improvement can be done by anyone.

Whatever the home improvement or DIY intention may be, one thing has a massive effect on what we can and can’t do: money. Hiring a handyman or a professional can be expensive, and even buying little features for your home can quickly add up. So, with this in mind, we need to focus on how we can spend our money as best we can.

That’s why, today, I am going to introduce you to a few DIY apps that are available on the iPhone, all of which will help you on your way to improving your home. These apps are packed with inspirational videos, photographs and write-ups on everything DIY and home-based. Whether you are looking for some crafty DIY tips to make your bedroom more romantic or need some information on fitting your kitchen sink, these apps will provide it.

Just think about how much money you could save if you don’t need to hire a professional or go shopping for these crafts – there are so many tasks we can all do with a bit of help, and these guides assist with exactly that.

howdooHow.Doo: DIY craft ideas & tutorials

This free app for iPhones and iPads is one of the cleverest on the market. The structure makes it so simple to use. It is like a social networking site for DIY and home improvement enthusiasts. The layout is like instagram and Twitter merged into one; you can follow people whose work you enjoy reading; view their tips, and share your own too.

By selecting a photograph of a tip you wish to view, you will be taken to a helpful video about the project you’re taking on. This app is very crafty-based with tips on installing and creating little accessories for your home. However, saving money is a huge thing in the modern era, and you can definitely do this. I particularly enjoyed the videos related to kitchens, with plenty of ideas to add a finishing touch to a kitchen make-over.

home-appHome DIY with Craig Phillips

From the creators of Love Home comes this absolutely amazing app for DIY and home improvement tasks. We all wish we could do our tiling on our kitchen wall ourselves, don’t we? It often looks like a simple task, but where would we start with it? We could save money on all types of redecorating with these easy-to-follow and inspiring guides on some of the most common DIY jobs for homeowners.

This app is packed with clever features for home improvement tasks such as the section called ‘calculator’. Within this section we are able to work out how much paint, tiles and even wallpaper we will need for the remodelling job we’re taking on. Perfect, right?

This app even comes complete with a very futuristic phone spirit level, ensuring we can check our tiling work before grouting. Inside each section is a ‘how to’ page where you will see the equipment and tools you will need for the specific job, a step by step guide to completing it, and also a handy video. So in reality, there may be no need for you to use a professional any time soon!


Packed with DIY tips for cooking, gardening and repairing your home – you really won’t find many apps on iTunes better than this one. The easy step-by-step guides for your DIY jobs make renovation, repair and even design all simple tasks. Easy setup and navigation is key to a DIY enthusiast’s experience and this app provides all that and more.

We are always looking for ways to save money nowadays and having tips like those in this app will most certainly do that. Forget calling a professional or buying your accessories; simply use this app. How about making the perfect clock for your children’s bedroom? Do that with this app, and there’s plenty more decorating ideas for the home. Not only are we provided with some quirky DIY tips, but also some lifestyle tips, all to save us money!

How much could you save by using DIY apps?

If you think about the amount of money you could be spending on home improvement jobs and at home improvement stores, then using these DIY apps could save you both time and money. Yes, it will involve doing a few tasks yourself, but who doesn’t love a challenge? Especially when we have step-by-step guides, videos, and tips, to help you out along the way.

Apps have become a regular part of many people lives; they can not only inspire but also save us money when it comes to the home. If you visit the lifestyle section of the iTunes app store, you will find plenty of apps for specific tasks alongside these apps we have looked at today.


This article was provided by app lover and DIY enthusiast Ryan Hirst, who blogs for Eurofit Direct – furniture fittings specialists in the UK.

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  • Gareth Eurofit

    Some great apps on this list – I use the Instructables app whenever I do any DIY!

  • Keith McDonald

    It sounds very useful! It’s a shame my parents are such technophobes, as they’re doing a huge amount of DIY at the moment and they’ve had some obscure problems such as expired paint.

    I’m no DIY connaisseur myself, but I’ll admit my small hands do come in useful when it comes to changing halogen bulbs. Just as well, really, because I’m lucky if ‘1,000 hour’ bulbs last for 100!