What have we hosted here at Which4U? What can we provide for you?

1. Reviews

Which4U as ReviewerWhich4U was contacted by a client seeking an independent review of a new tool that offered a price-checking service for couriers. We agreed to write an impartial review of the tool. In doing so, we made a number of recommendations that the agent decided to redress.

[Which4U’s review of Parcelchecker].

Are you looking for reviews or endorsement of your products and services? Get in touch, and we’ll consider every proposition.

2. Commissions & Exchanges

Which4U: Join the growing clubWhich4U has negotiated deals to host material by guest providers, including some of the UK’s biggest banks and comparison services.

  • We host material from guest contributors on relevant topics [sample].
  • We write material on behalf of others for our own blog [sample].
  • We often provide material for other sites in exchange [sample].

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3. Exclusives

Which4U Exclusives: Beat My CardAs a growing price comparison website, we’re often able to run exclusives on products and services. The new ‘Beat My Card’ savings calculator, for example, is an attractive addition to our arsenal.

[Which4U’s Beat My Card Promo]

In the world of personal finance, nothing generates great content like great products and great money-saving initiatives. We’re becoming an active source of great content. Could you benefit from that? Get in touch and see what else we’ve got in the pipeline!


Which4U: What can we provide for you?

  • Exclusives on new products and services, such as the Santander 123 Current Account and Which4U’s exclusive ‘Beat My Card’ calculator. We’re ready to publish the minute we’re authorised to. Stealing a march on the release of this product increased our Twitter following by 10%.
  • Product reviews and commentary. We create guides, graphics, and videos for the Finance Blog and for the main Which4U website. We work on finance products every day and we know the market well.
  • Analysis that doesn’t always follow the grain. Sometimes, our national press gets stuck in a rut, lecturing on one single best way to operate. Real life doesn’t always work like that. We think as you, not just as journalists.
  • Personal voice and personality. Finance is mechanistic enough. We’re developing our voice: not to grate, like many of our competitors, but to be a dependable source of information that you’ll want to turn to regularly.


If you want to invest your time and collaborative efforts with us, we’re confident that we can prove our worth. Contact us today, and let’s get started!