Credit Card / Credit History Guides

1. Beat My Card! (Video)

Which4U Exclusives: Beat My Card

This guide introduces our ‘Beat My Card’ credit card savings calculator. In just 60 seconds, this device could help you to save hundreds on your existing deal by listing up to three cards that offer the best potential savings.

Check out the guide to find out more!


2. Balance Transfer Credit Cards Explained (Video)

credit cards

Are you paying interest on your credit card balance? If so, you could benefit from switching this debt to a balance transfer credit card.

Balance transfer cards offer you an interest-free period to pay off this debt. Find out here about how they work.


3. Poor Credit History Cards Explained (Video)

Single Mothers have Saving Options

If you have a poor credit history due to missed payments or defaults, it can be more difficult gaining access to credit.

Poor credit history cards help people in this situation to repair their credit history. Find out more!


4. Check Your Credit Rating: Taking a Closer Look at Your Report

Experian Credit Score Summary

When you apply for a loan, credit card or mortgage, your credit report helps lenders to decide whether or not to approve your application and what terms to offer.

This guide shows you how to access your credit report and how to negotiate your way around the detail to find out what you need to know.


5. Ways to Improve Your Credit History

Aqua Survey Region

Are you paying over the odds for your credit cards or loans? Your credit report might help you to determine whether you could apply for better rates.

This guide suggests various ways in which you can improve your credit score, and how knowledge of your credit score can help you to apply for better products.


6. Students: Why You Should Cherish Your Credit Record

Students Urged To Check Through Their Insurance Policies

Part of the university experience is learning how to manage your money. But it’s vital to take this seriously or it could impact your future decisions.

This guide, featuring advice from Experian, explains why students need to respect their credit file. We’ve also included some money-saving tips from a veteran to help you along!


7. A Visual Guide to Credit Scores

Guide to Credit Scores 1

Are you struggling to read through bundles of information about your credit history? Thanks to Sainsbury’s Bank, we’ve got a great visual guide to help you get started.


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