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Which4U Finance Blog: Guest PostingAt Which4U, we aim to benefit our readers with cutting-edge industry news and great money-saving tips. We’re always looking to develop the range of our content to fulfil those goals.

We’re also keen to expand our contacts and networks. You can’t have too many friends! But we receive a huge number of enquiries, and you might want to take note of the following if you want yours to get noticed.

Who are we? What does our blog cover?

Which4U is a price-comparison website. [See about us for more]. Our Finance Blog generally covers the markets for personal finance products, such as credit cards, bank accounts, insurance policies, and utilities.

We’re also receptive to broader money-saving tips, commentary, press releases and anything else that you think may be of interest to our readers. If you’re looking for an independent opinion, it might be possible for us to review your product or service. [Examples include the ParcelChecker tool and ParkAtMyHouse].

We’re also looking for relevance. We cover personal finance products and services in the UK. If you’re contacting us from overseas, tell us why your post would be relevant.

Advertising / SEO Posting.

We get a sackload of offers to host free generic material in return for links. We’re unlikely to respond to enquiries of this nature, so you’ll have to make a good case. We know all the tricks of the trade, and we need to make our gains too.

These do not always have to be monetary, however. Perhaps we could provide a guest post for your site? Perhaps we can negotiate a marketing exchange, if you are prepared to guide your traffic in our direction? It’s unlikely that you’ll get your target link live without a hard bargain. So if that’s your sole aim, your time may be better spent elsewhere.

Still interested? Drop us a line! We’re always glad to hear your proposals.

Quality Inspires Confidence.

Poorly written, hard-selling posts are unlikely to serve either of our purposes well. If you would like us to write posts on your behalf or help you along, let us know, and we’ll see if we can help.

Our Finance Blog is hosted by WordPress. We can host images or videos upon request, and we can also embed YouTube videos.

You’re not losing your autonomy. Unless we arrange otherwise, we will credit you for your post. Reflect yourself and your company/client well by submitting quality work.


  • We reserve the right to know whether your articles are original and/or whether you intend to post them elsewhere.
  • We also reserve the right to edit material, but we will normally seek agreement on any changes.
  • Guest material, unless agreed otherwise, will be clearly attributed. Unlike many other finance blogs, we respect your intellectual property and will not seek to present your material on our own behalf.

The Write and Rong Ways to Catch Our Attention…

The following examples demonstrate the right and wrong ways to catch our attention. If you’re keen to publish on Which4U, they’ll give you all the information you need to make an eye-catching enquiry.

I am overseas finance consultant… I found your blog from SERPs… I can provide finance content to be posted on your blog as a guest writer… I’ll do something for your site for free!!…

This is the typical kind of enquiry we receive. What does this tell us?

  • The only reason our blog is useful to you is because it ranks in search engines.
  • You’ve copied and pasted the same generic message and changed the link.
  • No thought has gone into your enquiry.

I will make sure, you will get

  1. Content will be absolutely FREE OF COST and original
  2. Extremely high quality unique content written by Experienced American Writer
  3. The content will be related to your blog niche.
  4. Content will be extremely free of grammar, error and punctuation errors.
  • This tells us that you’ve no idea what you will write about or how it is relevant,
  • Your writing is hackneyed, and your execution will be poor.

We cannot respond to the multitude of enquiries we receive like this.

A good enquiry inspires confidence that a good article will follow. But what will catch our attention for the right reasons?

My name is ___ and I am a finance writer working on behalf of ___. I’ve been tasked with writing informed and interesting articles about the pros and cons of some of the various financial products on the market, as well as any newsworthy events in the industry of banking and finance.

  • Tell us who you are, and why you’re contacting us.

I have been dipping into your blog over the period of a week or so now and have been extremely impressed by the quality and range of content. The balance you strike between topical news, such as Keith’s very pertinent piece on banks tracing PPI victims, and easy to follow guides and consumer advice is very refreshing. I especially loved your financial guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse…

  • Show interest in our blog. It goes a long way. It’s not all about flattery – it’s about giving a damn. If you don’t care where your work is published, why would you care about it at all?
  • Put some effort into finding out more about us and what we publish. This infers that any contribution you propose will be designed with this in mind.

My idea is to write an article on a subject that has recently made some headlines in the UK finance media and I’m sure is set to make more. As of August… (details follow). If this interests you then I can send you a brief synopsis of the proposed piece and the points and issues I hope to raise in it.

  • Tell us about your proposal. We’ll know straight away if it’s relevant and if it works for us.
  • Quality proposals are all important. If the subject does not work, we’re more likely to see if something else might work instead.

I’d like to see ___ benefit from the exposure of any published article, as well as any backlink that you would potentially allow me to place within it… If you’d rather no link be placed at all then a citation would be fine. Hopefully you will find the content of interest to both you and your readers and in this sense would be viewed as a reciprocal venture between ourselves. If any backlink depended on us returning traffic to your site in some way, then I’d be happy to discuss the options on the table.

  • Lay your intentions and boundaries on the table. We don’t give away links for nothing, but we’ll know much more quickly whether we can reach an agreement.
  • Remember: it’s in our interests to provide rewards for effort. We want high quality material and for the best contributors to work with us again.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, we need to know who you are, what you’re providing, how it’s relevant, if it fits within our nexus of content, and what you’re expecting from us. The more of this you provide up-front, the greater the chance that you’ll be heard. We’ve got plenty to offer, and we’re always pleased to discuss contributions. Get in touch, and let’s make it happen.